Element Editor - Scripts

Shared Scripts
: Select a shared external script to call on for the element 
Add: Add external code: 
- Location (in an external file, in the HTML head, start of Body, end of Body, at Top of Document) 
- Type (JavaScript, PHP, CSS, HTML, Other) 
- Name (assign a name), extension will be automatically tacked on 
After clicking OK, enter the code as it should appear in the external file (or whichever location you selected)


 (This menu represents the configuration of the script - it does not concern the element's properties) 
Location - see above 
Order (Weight) – P1-P8: Change the priority of code written on the page. This is a good way to ensure a script is loaded before another. 
Enable in Editing Mode: By default, scripts are not written to the page's code in Editing Mode. You may enable them, but use caution to avoid any conflict with openElement.