Element Editor - Style Zones

 Alows you to define a zone that your or the user can "skin" to offer style presets. This zone will be placed in the element's code. 

<oe:styleszone tagname="div" zonename="Zone1" class="" style=""> 
If needed, write the HTML code here  


Contains Only a Link
– True, False 
Contains only a hyperlink tag (<a href=> </a>). 

Exclude from Style Presets – True, False 
Choose whether or not to save this zone’s configuration when saving a Style Preset  
(Enable this if you do not want to save this zone as a "public" Style Zone). 

Global Event
– True, False 
Reacts to Style Zone events (hover, click) on the entire element 

UI Deactivations
– Text, Text Decoration, Border, Background, Padding, Margin 
Deactivate groups of ribbon menu buttons for this zone 

Visibility Level
– Standard, Advanced, Advanced Selectable 
Zone visibility level for the user. 
Standard = Normal visibility; Advanced = Does not appear in the ribbon and no selection on the page; Advanced Selectable = Only appears in the ribbon if selected on the page 

(Zone Name)
– Text entry 
Enter a name to identify the resource in the code. This name must be unique 

Preview Image
– Select image file 
Add a preview image to describe the zone. Strict image size of 48x48 px 

User Information
– Click … to enter Name & Description 
Information for users about the zone.